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Jewellers and Watchmakers

of New Zealand 


New Zealand's Premier Jewellery & Watch Event

The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand (JWNZ) Trade Fair 2021

Trade Fair 2021


The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Executive and Trade Fair Committee advises the JWNZ Trade Fair 2021 will be held on Sunday 12 September in Auckland. For further information on this event contact Craig Anderson T 021 596 988

Brian Barrett - JWNZ President                     Susi Chinnery-Brown - JWNZ Trade Fair Convenor

 Craig Anderson, JWNZ Executive Secretary, PO Box 16007, Hornby, Christchurch 8441, NZ     T 021 59 69 88 - Int +64 21 59 69 88 - E


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