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JWNZ Code of Ethics


Jewellers and Watchmakers of NZ Inc. Members are requested to abide by the following Code of Ethics:

  • Integrity: To uphold at all times the tradition and integrity of the jewellery industry, and conduct themselves and their business in such a manner that will reflect credit to the Association, their fellow members and the entire industry.
  • Highest Standards of Service: To deserve the patronage of the public by rendering service based on the highest standards, protecting the public from any form of faulty or inferior workmanship or design.
  • Public Interest: To advise the public at all times of their best interests. Under no circumstances will the member allow their name to be intentionally associated with misleading statements or advertisements.
  • Public Support: To value the support and confidence of the public as of paramount importance and not to act in any way which would detrimentally affect or lose this support and confidence.
  • Pricing: To clearly set out in writing the basis on which and the price at which any goods or services will be supplied, and to give a written copy to the customer before undertaking the sale or service.
  • Guarantees: To remedy promptly and equitably any genuine cause for dissatisfaction, honoring to the fullest, all guarantees or undertakings given as to quality or service.
  • Quotations Valuations & Reports: Not to issue any quotation, valuation, report or opinion bearing the members name unless it is to the best of their knowledge and belief accurate, impartially made, and based on established practice.
  • Sales And Service Staff: To ensure that all sales and service staff understand and are competent to implement this code of Ethics.
  • Complaints: The JWNZ will respond to any complaints in regards a JWNZ member and seek a resolution.  
  • Watchmakers Institute: In addition the following Ethics shall apply to members of the Watchmakers Institute of New Zealand:
  1. No member shall knowingly present a watch to have been overhauled unless it has been properly cleaned and regulated.
  2. No member shall knowingly perform any unworkmanlike or unskilled watch repairs.